The best Photoshop tips

Interested to learn a few useful tips and functions in Photoshop? You’ve just hit a huge jackpot! Here’s some basic time-saving tricks and useful tools for you to fully optimize the time you spend editing pictures.

Take action with Actions

Actions are huge timesavers. You can simply record every edit you make
to an image, just to replay it later. It’s super useful for when you
need to do the same editing for several images, and it’s something I
personally have used in many big design projects. Before you start
editing a picture, press Alt+F9 to bring up the Action menu. Press
the options tab in the upper right corner of the action menu, select
New Action. I recommend naming your action so that you easily can
find it later. 

The moment you press OK, the recording begins. Once you’ve finished the part that you want to record, simply pressthe Stop button. To use the action, just select it in the Action
menu, select your recording and press play. Now your editing is done
– in one click! There’s a wide range of possibilities with Actions,
many of which are available for download online. It can be anything
from your favorite Instagram filter to different retouch

Bad skin day? No worries!

Sometimes a blemish or a pimple on your skin can ruin a perfectly good photo.
Luckily with a bit of retouching you can easily clear up skin using
Photoshop. Press J to use the Spot Healing Brush tool and draw on the
spots that you want to cover up. The program will try to fill in the
spot with matching pixels. It’s recommended to use high quality
photos for this, otherwise the result probably won’t be as good. It’s
not just for skin, it works wonders to remove a dent on a table or a
smudge on your plate, perfecting your food pictures as well.

While these tips are very basic, they are some of the most useful tools in Photoshop, as they can be used in so many ways. Photoshop is an amazing program to edit and create things. The only limit is your imagination.