Pictures on websites

Websites are a purely visual medium and need to catch and retain a viewer’s eye in order to be successful. A great way to engage the viewer is through the use of clear and accessible pictures on the website. Pictures are particularly useful and important when trying to sell products or market something, as they are a concise and informative way of spreading information to the reader.

Don’t Get Caught

One very important point to start with regarding pictures on a website is that of copyright. Unless the website creator or owner has a number of their own photos to use (preferable if possible), then the photos and images being used will more than likely belong to someone else. And this is where people can run into a copyright issue. This can be easily avoided with some basic knowledge. The moment someone takes a photo that image is automatically copyrighted to him or her under the Fair Use policy. There are a number of rules that follows from this, but as long as the images aren’t actually making money for the copier, and is being used for information or teaching purposes, it is normally deemed acceptable to use them. If this all seems a bit much, there are plenty of websites that offer up images termed stock photos that can be used after paying a small licensing fee.

Get Noticed

Once the pictures and images are acquired, it is still not that simple to integrate them within the website itself. As mentioned before, images are highly important but need to be well placed in relation to the text. Images also need to have relevance and actually improve upon or clarify the written text that accompanies them. It is not enough just to have a few images scattered through the site. Certain types of graphics draw attention more effectively, such as infographics and product images.

Images are hugely important for engaging with viewers. It appears that sites with images receive about 80% more views than those without. However, the way the images are used, the style of images, and placement within the website are all equally important for success. Images can make or break a website, bring traffic or turn it away.