Importance of having a homepage

In this day and age of the Internet, having a great website is imperative. And having a great homepage even more so. The homepage can be viewed as a shop window; if the viewer doesn’t like what they see, they won’t enter. It is therefore important to create something unique, accessible and user friendly to draw in the casual passerby. If your site is about Seychelles IBC, for example, you have to commit to communicate your message in every element.

Laws of Attraction

As with any welcoming entranceway, the home page needs to attract people. And there are many ways to do this. Relaxing colour schemes and a readable design are first and foremost. Once this is established it is necessary to make sure the homepage is easily navigable, a search function is provided, and clear information on what the site is actually about is presented. A range of topics on the front page will keep new customers interested, and changing it regularly will make sure that old customers keep coming back. Don’t lose that client base. 


The homepage is also important because it lays out simply what the page is about.This means that people won’t have to spend endless hours trying to find items, discover if the page is what they need or even want, and therefore the page itself will make sure that only those people who truly want to be there, will be there. A clear home page also means that clients aren’t frustrated by confusing ads or misleading links. The homepage can also be used as a clear and easy place to spread the message of the website simply. Theoretically, a good homepage would mean that the client could garner all information without leaving it.

Nowadays some people still argue that the homepage doesn’t need to have as much of an impact as it once used to. People arrive at websites through different means. Direct links, social media recommendations, or word of mouth. They head to the site because they already know it is what they want. However, for the most part, the homepage serves a vital function. It is still the welcome mat to the rest of the site, and as such still lays out the first impression for the rest of the customer’s experience.