A typical day of a web designer

As with any job, the way a web designer works can vary extremely from person to person. Are you a morning person or do you work at night? Work in small bursts or do long intense sessions? Regardless of how you work, the overall set up of the day is similar.

Time Consuming

Regardless of whether one is a morning person or not, the hours are long. Getting work in on schedule and at a professional level means that many designers, as is the case in the art world, are perfectionists. Along with working, a freelance web designer has to answer emails. A lot of them. There are always clients requesting more work, things to be changed, added and new jobs offered. Some days it appears the a web designer wont even get a chance to do any web design at all. A huge part of designing is listening to what the client wants, and as mentioned this can be time consuming: meetings, phone calls, emails all take up a large portion of the day. It is important, though, because if the client doesn’t like the work being done, it only has to be done again, therefore wasting more time.

Design Time

As a web designer there are many clients all requiring different styles of sites. All of these have to be planned out, designed, developed and eventually created. Most designers work on multiple sites simultaneously, including their own. All will require their own unique design, colour scheme, planning and research. And then they have to be actually created. Depending on how high a level the designer has reached, they may have a team to which they can delegate tasks. But this still means that all the work has to be checked to make sure that everyone is following the design brief set out by the client.

In addition, many designers spend their remaining spare time brushing up on techniques, software knowledge and other types of research in an effort to constantly improve, learning new designs and techniques to add to their work and websites.

Overall, a web designer has a long and consuming day. It is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards at the end of it are well worth the work.